Ion Generator
FU-551KP Compare


*  Emits high density ions of 25,000ions/cm3(High Operation).  The new Front Tilted design with Inlet optimizes the performance of the product by improving airflow (air suction, air out flow and air delivery structure).

*  High Efficiency Enveloping Airflow-Efficiently do the air purification with two (2) fans and three (3) outlets. Plasmacluster ions released throughout the room from the air outlet on the left and right along the wall on both sides, also from the lower portion of the outlet to the front.

*  Equipped with HEPA Filter–cancollect99.97%ofdustparticlesassmallas0.3micron.
Compact Design & Wall-Mounted Type–the unit can be mounted on the wall or can be set upon the floor by itself.


Suitable for:
•Meeting Rooms and Waiting Rooms
•Kindergarten and Nursery Schools
•Elderly Care Facilities


Car Ion Generator Specifications (-)
Capacity Applicable for High-Density PCI 40sqm
Ion Density (approx.) 25,000 high / 7,000 low
Rated Input 78 Full / 24 Max / 13 Med / 6.5 Low
Operating Noise Level 53 Full/ 42 Max/ 35 Med / 25 Low
Unit Weight 9.1kg
Operation Mode Full/Max / Med / Low
Available Color White
Unit Outer Dimensions (mm) 650 x 178 x 440