2K 42" Google TV
2T-C42EG1X Compare


  • Improved and smarter system with capability to discover better content and recommendation.
  • COMFORT MODE: Ease-your-eyes picture mode complied with TÜV that reduces blue light which disrupt your good night sleep
  • ALLM (AUTO LOW LATENCY MODE): lets a game console, PC or other device send a signal to the display which will cause it to automatically switch to a low-latency, low-lag mode for gaming.
  • SHARP COCORO ALBUM: Displays photo by time, Record time and location of photos, Intelligent Recognition (food, animals, people, vehicle).
  • SOUND REFLECTOR: Unique TV design which push the sound pressure towards user.
  • S3 REVELATION PROCESSOR: A chipset with significantly improves its performance supports smoother gameplay.
  • NETFLIX/ YOUTUBE/ PRIME VIDEO: Allows to watch a lot of updated movies or series and listen to music.
TV Picture (-)
Screen Size (Diagonal) 42"
Resolution 2K Full HD (1,980 x 1,020)
Engine S3 Revelation Processor
Connectivity (-)
Digital Audio Output 15W (5.5W +7.5W)
Mirroring Screen Yes